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Spring Leadership Conference

Grand Awards - 2019 SLC

SLC 2019

SLC 2019 is now part of history....

This conference is one to remember. Mother Nature decided to send snowzilla to make things interesting.  With a major snowstorm impending on Friday night into Saturday and Sunday, many of our outstate chapters had to head out before Friday activities and the grand finale Grand Awards on Saturday morning.

With half of our delegation gone, we had to scurry to adjust the session.  With a fantastic state staff and Executive Director, we pulled it off.  So that the auditorium wouldn't seem so massive with only half of our chapters in attendance, we pulled the temporary wall across and made it seem like a full house.

Students from some of the chapters went on stage repeatedly collecting the awards for those not in attendance.  The remaining awards were boxed and shipped to the regions.

State staff also posted a live stream via Facebook so that all our members could enjoy the excitement of who was going to earn a place at NLC 2019 in Anaheim, California, May 1-5!  Mickey is waiting to greet all our winners and their advisors.

Students who achieve Ambassador Torch, participate in the BPA Cares program will join competitive event winners before long.

For more information on NLC please visit: