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Adam McGuire Visits Osseo BPA Chapter

Adam McGuire

Submitted by Kim Vo

On January 21, 2020 Adam McGuire, local graphic artist, visited the Osseo High School BPA Chapter.  He talked about marketing and his story.  For more information on Adam, please visit his LinkedIn account:

One student had this to say after the visit:

I took a lot away from your story on how you thought you knew what you wanted to do in art.  But things changed after you decided to move to Los Angeles.  Somehow through your one connection and luck, you got to work on Hell's Kitchen!  Then you continued your journey which led you to work on the Voice and Star Wars!  What a great list of accomplishments.  I learned a lot about how sometimes "It's not what you know, but who you know."  Those words resonated with me and everyone in the room!  Hopefully we'll be able to see you again for another speech!

Getting to Know Torch

by Jake Ackerman


We’re excited to inform you about one of BPA’s many opportunities for professionalism and leadership development: The Torch Awards Program. There are seven different torch categories (leadership; service; cooperation; knowledge; friendship; love, hope, and faith; patriotism) that encourage our members to participate at the local, regional, state, and national level; network both inside and outside of BPA; volunteer; and learn more about our organization. The work that goes into receiving a Torch Award will help increase your involvement in BPA outside of competitive events. This article will show you just how easy it is to receive a Torch Award and provide you with the resources to succeed and become more knowledgeable about this great program.

Torch Awards are given at four different levels: Executive, Diplomat, Statesman, and Ambassador. Executive Torch Awards require 10 points in each of the seven torch categories and are awarded at the local level, Diplomat Awards require 30 points in each category and are awarded at the regional level, Statesman Awards require 50 points in each and are awarded at the state level, and Ambassador Awards require 70 points in each and are awarded at the national level. At the State Leadership Conference, there will be a ceremony held for recipients of the Statesman Award and at the National Leadership Conference for Ambassador recipients.

Points are awarded in each of the seven torch categories in either 5, 10, 15, or 20 point increments. The Torch Awards Handbook contains a helpful list of all the possible ways to earn points. Familiarizing yourself with the handbook will help maximize your torch experience. It provides important information regarding how to login to the online torch system, enter activities for points, submit resumes, and use the Torch Awards Program App.

Working to earn Torch Awards is a way to increase your dedication to BPA. It will also foster personal growth by getting you outside of your comfort zone. However, your involvement doesn’t only benefit you; by participating in Torch, you are helping promote all of Minnesota BPA. The more Ambassador awards we receive as a state association, the more likely we are to win The Professional Cup at the National Leadership Conference. Let’s work together to better ourselves and Minnesota BPA!

Lastly, be sure to start your resume as soon as possible. Submitting your resume early will allow time for you to make revisions if your application is rejected. The deadline for the Statesman Award is February 6th and for the Ambassador Award is March 25th. Diplomat Award deadlines vary by region so be sure to ask your advisor.

We’ve attached additional resources in case you have any further questions regarding torch. Also, we’re currently putting together a torch presentation for chapters and regions to help inform their members on registration and building resumes. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about BPA’s Torch Award Program! We look forward to seeing you next month at the region conferences.


Torch Awards Handbook

Torch Award Website

Student Certification Series 102




By State Executive President, Kim Vo

We would like to extend our gratitude for all of the chapters that participated in the National BPA Social Media Challenge. We were tagged in many submissions from both students and chapters. Through this, we had the opportunity to proudly showcase them on our social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok)!

The themes this week started on Monday with Merch Monday and was followed by Travel Tuesday, Winning Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, Friendship Friday, Social Media Saturday, and Service Sunday.

Thank you again for tagging us in your social media posts and sharing your own spin on each theme. Minnesota BPA not only accepted the Social Media Challenge, but we absolutely crushed it!

Social Media Challenge

Hello MN BPA Chapters!

One of our goals for the 2019-2020 year is to improve communication between students through effective use of social media. If possible, could you send the usernames of students in your chapters for the following platforms so we can follow them? We would like to encourage MN members to follow the following accounts for updates, tips, and to see what other students from other chapters are doing!

  • Instagram: @MNBPA
  • Twitter: @MNBPA
  • (NEW) TikTok: @MNBPA
  • Facebook and LinkedIn: Minnesota BPA

Thanks again for your time, passion, and commitment to Business Professionals of America!
MN BPA Officer Team


Kim Vo | State President
Minnesota BPA | |

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this is one is for members that want to write a safety article since it counts for Torch points (Service 212 and 223 and knowledge 228)