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By Adam Revoir, 08/22/18, 3:15PM CDT


Adam Revoir Named Student of the Year at 2018 NLC in Dallas, Texas!

Three years ago, I was a shy sophomore who got so nervous presenting in front of a large audience, could not start conversations with people I’ve never met before, and did not have a plan for my future. But, my adviser took a chance on me and offered me a spot in the club that was only offered to juniors and seniors at my high school.

However, my involvement with Business Professionals of America has strengthened my confidence level, I am not afraid to start conversations with peers, and now have a clear pathway for my future. Furthermore, it has taught me life skills like never give up. For example, after my first year of competing in which I placed 2ndat Regions and 11that State, I was devastated because I didn’t get a lot of sleep those three days but also, I thought my product was incredible. I was at the point of not joining the following year because I was so upset, but I reviewed the judge’s comment on the business plan and crafted a stronger one the following year which rewarded me with 2ndplace at Regions and 5that State. Once again, I didn’t give up and used the two years under my belt to embark on my 3rdand final entrepreneurship event. Long story short through my determination and never giving up, this past year I placed 1stat Regions, became State Champion, and placed 4th at Nationals.

I am truly honored to have been awarded the prestigious Student of the Year for the Secondary Division for 2018. I can recall telling my chapter advisor about the news and watching her jaw drop and then proceed to hug me. This award is very special to me since it signifies that all those late nights working on presentations/business plan, studying for a test, or taking on different leadership roles helped further the advancement of this organization. I am proud to be a part of this elite organization and will cherish all of the memories and friends I have obtained especially this past year. I am sad that the end of my BPA journey is coming to an end but glad to be leaving a profound footprint within the organization at all four levels.