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Friday Flashes

Regions 2020-21


MN BPA is working diligently to develop access to region contests to allow accessibility through online avenues for many of the contests that are offered. 

Last year we piloted opens/generals at two regions through Level 8 Creative which is the same company MN BPA uses for the MN conference registration platform.  For Regions 2021 all events that are “paper pencil/scantron” formatted events will be available.  All of these events have been reviewed by our CEAC rep and have now been provided to Level 8 Creative. 

Each region will need to determine their testing window e.g. day(s) events can be accessed etc.  We do not need to know that information yet.  This can be indicated as we approach your dates as there are a variety of factors that could impact how you deliver this contests, e.g. are the majority of the chapters in your region currently at full distance learning or using a hybrid etc. 

Supporting documentation/how to guides will be provided including Online Testing Procedures & Security and Testing Proctor Instructions.

Region Chairs will be apprised of other advancements as procedural decisions are made or need to be made.  In the meanwhile, please continue to email questions and suggestions as we work through ensuring delivery of our competitive events in the best manner possible during the 2020-2021 school year.

State Officer Candidate Information

Plans and processes for state officer elections are being finalized.  Rather than mail documents, a drop box for each candidate will be set up with access by the candidate and their advisor granted.  This will help facilitate gathering the required documents in a timely fashion and hopefully ease the stress of the process for you as well as the candidate. 

Below is the checklist of materials /documents that will be required and have placed in their drop box no later than 11:59 pm CST on October 1, 2020.  Please do not wait until October 1 to notify me of their intent.  Get their drop box set up now!

If you have a candidate that is considering the opportunity – PLEASE PROVIDE THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS TO ME.  Do not use a school email as most schools have a block on outside emails to a student school generated email.   

By providing an email now, I will be able to set up a drop box for each prospective candidate and that way they can begin to put items into it for their application materials required.


No worries – just let me know and I will remove the drop box.


Wishing you a successful September as you transition back to school!


Clearly, the Fall Leadership Conference will be cancelled as school districts are not allowing field trips at this time.  MN BPA is collaborating with several other BPA State Associations to deliver a great online experience.     These activities will take place over the course of several weeks starting in latter October.  Watch for additional details. 


This is an overview of how elections for the 2020-2021 State Officers will take place.  I am in dialogue with a couple of companies discussing possible options of delivering and evening of officer election components virtually versus the other alternative of posting candidate speeches and just having votes cast thereafter.

At this point we do know that we will be electing officers at the beginning of November as well as know the components that will comprise their application.  I am sharing this list so that interested students may begin to prepare.  Their application will follow the same procedure as in the past – one packet of materials MAILED to be received no later than October 1.  See the attachment above – also on our downloads page.

I hope to have the process for elections finalized and be able to share the packet sometime later next week

Welcome Back


There is so much unknown for the upcoming year – but we know for certain that BPA will be right there to make this year a success!  In the next week you will see many emails as things unfold for the next few months. 

You may feel anxious, helpless and mentally challenged as well as exhausted.  So, I wanted to send a special "we are in this together" and remind you that you chose this field because of your heart and love of your students. YOU are making such a difference because they have never needed you more! 

So, THANK YOU for your selflessness, your passion and your unwavering concern for your students - our MN BPA members.

Above is a pdf providing a ton of resources for 'Self-Care' because you must take care of 'YOU' first and foremost. There are so many ideas—articles--blogs, podcasts and books.  It is just a resource, nothing fancy, but a lot of great stuff.  Feel free to share any or all of it with your fellow teachers, friends and family.  

If there is anything at all I can do to support you, please let me know.  I am cheering for you, praying for you and working hard to provide you, our BPA members and this strong Minnesota BPA Association a positive, fun and successful year ahead!

Big virtual hugs and high fives!  We’ve got this!

Coats for Kids - informational flyer and information below.

Coats for Kids - An Opportunity for Minnnesota BPA Chapters

August 20, 2020

Hello Everyone:

We are excited to announce that the 2020 Coats For Kids drive will be from Monday, September 14th - Saturday, October 10th this year.  I will be your contact - it is nice to virtually meet you!

We realize that 2020 is definitely different, but the need for warm coats in the Twin Cities is even greater.  Last year we collected 10,500 coats and hope to surpass that number.  We encourage you to continue to help collect coats again this year.

If you would like to participate in helping us to collect coats, please CLICK HERE to fill out our online signup form.

I have also attached a poster & our logos that you can use for promotions. If you have any questions or need additional information or resources, please let me know.  We look forward to another successful year of helping collect coats for kids (and adults) in need! 

With gratitude,

Laura Dizon
Marketing Coordinator
Pilgrim Dry Cleaners
3217 85th Avenue North
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
763.425.7524 Ext. 236


Advisor Resource Center

The new theme art is now available with this link.


Here are instructions for adding a background to your Zoom meetings. The two backgrounds are below this text.



Good morning all – Thank you for all you are doing to provide distance learning to our members!!!!  I know this is a tremendous undertaking and I can only begin to imagine the stress and work all of you are doing to keep education going for all.  THANK YOU!


Some of you have inquired about having t-shirts and pins shipped to you for students that would have been attending NLC.  Fortunately as well as unfortunately, there are not items to shipped.  A significant amount of work had already gone into developing these items including t-shirt art, pin art as well as sticker art.  I had the orders pending final numbers once registration had closed.  So we do not have items to ship to your attendees unfortunately but from a state association perspective we did not take a hit financially on the items either.

Please know that I am here to help however I may be able to during this challenging time.  Stay safe.

Note: You can order NLC information from the national website.

BPA Lettering Pins

MN BPA is once again offering activities award pin and the perfect award for students who are members of BPA. The pin features the text "BPA" in capital letters, and is made in a gold-tone metal. Metal inserts have an extra-long post in order to attach them to varsity letters and varsity jackets, and are a great way to recognize student achievement in all school activities. They will be available as an add on to your state conference registration at $3 each.

  • Gold tone metal
  • Extra long post with stabilizer spur
  • Military-style clutch back standard

Some of you have inquired about the membership pins – please keep in mind that these are sent from the National Center and the pins are not sent until you have paid your membership invoice.

Please check Jackie's Email

Could you please reach out to your region list serves to make certain that my emails are getting thru?  Many are finding in spam.  If they are repeatedly going to spam even if my email address is saved, they will need to contact their IT person – google that many schools are using are blocking any and all outside servers routinely and hence, my emails are not getting thru.

Resource Package and Branding Media

Below you will find a link to a Resource Package for use within the WSAP Competitive Events.  The packages includes:

  • National BPA Branded PowerPoint Presentation Template
  • This template contains multiple pre-defined slide layouts and an additional slide containing scalable icons for use in the presentation.
  • National BPA Branded PowerPoint Presentation How-To GuideThe guide provides a screenshot walkthrough of how to select different slide layouts and edit background images.
  • High Resolution Logos         
  • Logos are high resolution with dimensions over 5,000 pixels.
  • Logos are provided in both PNG and JPG format.
  • Logos are available both with tagline and without the tagline.
  • Logos are available in white, black, gray scale, navy, red, and full color.

NOTE: Members are NOT REQUIRED to use any of the resources provided in this package.  Usage is left up to individual discretion.

View the WSAP Media and Resource Package here:

Download the WSAP Presentation Resource Package (Archived .zip) here: