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Friday Flashes

Housing Changes


If you have changes to your housing, drops, add, etc – here are the details for how to handle (from registration information).  DO NOT CALL THE HYATT – you will either a) be routed to a call center OR be told that you have to go thru BPA….


From registration packet:

  1. After February 14th, all changes and cancellations should be communicated via email to and cc:
  2. Email should consist of:
    1. Guest Name(s)
    2. Confirmation Number (you will have received this from
    3. What the requested change is

SLC Reminders

Good morning!  Lots of random reminders today for you as you prepare for the upcoming state conference.

  • TORCH AWARDS – Remember to “enter” your students in this event in our state conference registration system so that we can verify that they are applying for this
  • JUDGES – we can still use some judges to make sure we are covered especially since there are always last minute cancellations – encourage anyone you may have to go to our state website – to sign up
  • HYATT BILLING FORMS – be sure you have sent your excel billing file back to the Hyatt – I have attached in case you need to do so
  • CONTEST AND ATTENDEE CHANGES – please continue to make any necessary changes or drops to keep our database accurate within our online system
  • ANY SPECIAL NEED REQUESTS? – you can submit on the conference registration dashboard
  • MEMBERSHIP – have you double checked your membership?  Don’t be caught off guard when submitting for NLC with someone that’s not a member!
  • MEMBERSHIP INVOICES – make sure you do not have any outstanding membership invoices – this could cause delays and challenging with registering for nationals after SLC.

SLC Registration Reminders

Please take a moment to review the information in our state conference registration system.  Please make certain the phone number listed for you is correct and that it is your cell phone number.  We will need correct numbers on site at SLC if we need to contact you.

Additionally, please be sure that you have a name for your key administrator as well as email address provided.  MN BPA sends a press release with top finishers from your chapter to yourself as well as an administrator if you have their info in the system.

You can log in at


This update applies to the following Virtual Event Competitions:

  • (V01) Virtual Media and Promotion Individual
  • (V02) Virtual Media and Promotion Team
  • (V03) Software Engineering Team
  • (V04) Web Application Team
  • (V05) Mobile Applications
  • (V06) Promotional Photography
  • (V08) Start-up Enterprise Team

 Virtual Event Update 

All submitted projects for all virtual events are currently under technical review and scoring.  Due to the overwhelming number of project submissions this year, it is estimated that all technical scoring will be completed by February 14, 2020.   

As technical scoring is completed for each individual event, the Top 20 competitors will be emailed instructions on how to schedule presentation time slots.  Time slots will be based on the presentation judge's schedule (with most presentations being scheduled between 4PM and 7PM EST).  Competitors will be notified with at least one (1) week of presentation preparation time. 

All competitors not in the Top 20 in each event will also be notified that they are not advancing to the presentation round.

Please communicate all Virtual Event questions to Patrick Schultz, National BPA Director of Technology Integration and Virtual Events Coordinator, at


Pre-submit Hints

When submitting your documents for Interview and Advanced Interview Skills, please add something unique to your document name like students last name or id number.  For example, I know in the WSAP (p. 29) it tells you just to submit the document titled “resume” but the system won’t take it as the name is not unique enough.  This will save us all a lot of time this weekend.  Thanks! --Lynn O’Driscoll

BPA Garment and Lettering Pins


See flyer on our Downloads page, spring leadership conference, for the garment ($45.00) that you can order on the state conference registration site.  We will have garments available with your registration at state.  Fee is on your state invoice as “advisor materials”.  (if you wish to order a t-shirt for yourself, that is also an add on item.)

Sherpa is a hot trend this year in apparel   The garment is a beautiful piece, and perfect for promoting BPA on cool weather days.  My opinion is that while it is considered a “unisex” garment, that for women it appears to be a little narrow at the waist/hip area if you are wearing it with leggings, and for men the body may be a little short in the larger sizes as it is not a big and tall piece.  Please plan accordingly when selecting your size.  If you wish to layer pieces you may want to size up.

Please take care in selecting the garment – double check you have submitted what you think you have!  We do not order extra inventory for on site so be sure to place your order!

If you have already submitted your invoice – you are still able to log back in and add the garment until registration deadline.


Pre-submit Reminders

With one week to go until pre-submits, I thought I would send out the pre-submit instructions again.  A few reminders:

  • Check the WSAP for submission instructions…….file types, how many files, etc.
  • Have students save their submission confirmation email in case there are issues
  • I will be going through pre-submits starting on the 7th.  Over the course of the weekend, it would be helpful if you checked your email often so we could resolve any issues quickly.  It would be really helpful if you had copies of all pre-submitted files handy in case we needed to resubmit.  Judges will start grading that next week and we want to have everything they need submitted. 

As always let me know if you have any questions.  

Lynn O'Driscoll

National Anthem Singer at SLC

Auditions are now being accepted to sing the National Anthem at the 2020 SLC Opening Session. Auditions will be accepted from registered BPA members and must be submitted via YouTube link, .mov file, or .mp3 file by February 6, 2020. Encourage your students to apply. Please submit to

Please cc:  Jackie Schiller on the submission.

BPA Lettering Pins

MN BPA is once again offering activities award pin and the perfect award for students who are members of BPA. The pin features the text "BPA" in capital letters, and is made in a gold-tone metal. Metal inserts have an extra-long post in order to attach them to varsity letters and varsity jackets, and are a great way to recognize student achievement in all school activities. They will be available as an add on to your state conference registration at $3 each.

  • Gold tone metal
  • Extra long post with stabilizer spur
  • Military-style clutch back standard

Some of you have inquired about the membership pins – please keep in mind that these are sent from the National Center and the pins are not sent until you have paid your membership invoice.

Please check Jackie's Email

Could you please reach out to your region list serves to make certain that my emails are getting thru?  Many are finding in spam.  If they are repeatedly going to spam even if my email address is saved, they will need to contact their IT person – google that many schools are using are blocking any and all outside servers routinely and hence, my emails are not getting thru.

Information for SLC



Attached is the registration packet with all the details including hotel rates for SLC 2020.  Conference registration fee is $83.00.   

This year all students will once again receive a conference t-shirt – this is NOT an add on item but included in registration so be certain to select t-shirt sizes.    REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  FEBRUARY 6, 2020.  This is also the deadline for pre-submissions as well as the Torch Awards Resumes submitted. 


We will once again offer an advisor garment for purchase with your registration.  You will receive a flyer for an optional for purchase advisor garment that is available when you register your chapter.  The new BPA logo will be embroidered on the garment.  This year advisors will NOT receive the conference t-shirt but it will be available as an add on purchase for $10 as well as order upgraded garment. 


The schedule of events for SLC is towards the end of the Information Packet.  Keep in mind that THIS IS TENTATIVE – once we have actual numbers for the lab events after registration closes, there may be a need to adjust event times to accommodate the number of computers needed in the lab for various events.


Your chapter’s housing will be submitted directly through our online conference registration system.  After you "submit" your housing within our registration system, please complete the attached excel summary form and submit to the Hyatt to verify billing details.  Attached is the Credit Card Authorization Form that you (or business office) should complete and return if a credit card will be used to pay the hotel charges.

Region Presubmission Information

Region competitions are fast approaching and many of us will soon have our students presubmittng their events.  I just wanted to take a minute to review the presubmit process.  Remember, you are required to use the presubmit system for region competition.

A clarification about forms (Thanks Brenda Kellen!!):  The release form needs to be signed when uploading it to the presubmit system.  The entry form does NOT need to be signed when it is presubmitted.

General submit info

The following events need to be presubmitted:

Pre-submitted Events Include:                                                           

260: Administrative Support Research Project

520: Advanced Interview Skills

445: Broadcast News Production Team

440: Computer Animation Team

425: Computer Modeling

420: Digital Media Production

155: Economic Research Individual

160: Economic Research Team

505: Entrepreneurship

500: Global Marketing Team

410: Graphic Design Promotion

515: Interview Skills

325: Network Design Team

430: Video Production Team

435: Web Site Design Team

Presubmit Instructions:

  1. Students will need to log into using their membership number (ex. 30-0088-0001) and password in the top right corner of the page. The password is the one created when membership for your chapter was created.
  2. Go to
  3. Choose the conference (example - 2020 Minnesota BPA Reg 2 RLC)  you are submitting for with the dropdown menu.
  4. When the page reloads, choose the event you are submitting for with the dropdown menu.
  5. Enter your email (for submission confirmation).
  6. Use the “browse” button to find your first file to upload.
  7. If you have more files to upload, use the “add” button and then the new “browse” button that appears.
  8. Click “submit.” Do NOT click twice. If you are uploading large files, it will take a few minutes.
  9. You will get a confirmation message and confirmation e-mail.

Free Classroom Aids from MBA Resarch


Happy Holidays!

Warm wishes for this holiday season from all of us at MBA Research! We are honored to be your partners in business and marketing education.


Opportunity To Pilot Facebook Digital Marketing Curriculum

Facebook is partnering with CTE educators and digital marketing teachers to pilot their new Digital Marketing Skills program during the coming Spring semester (starting in January 2020). Pilot teachers will receive first-hand access to a portal for educators and a hands-on program for classrooms that includes a set of wide-ranging project-based modules and case studies to help students learn and practice their digital marketing skills. Participating educators will provide feedback. There are no fees for participating in the pilot.

To sign up for the pilot, teachers can submit this form and/or reach out to Ellie Hoban at Facebook (


Integrate Workplace Skills Into Any Course

Collaboration, communication, teamwork, negotiating, and ethical leadership are just a few of the topics you can integrate into next semester's courses using FREE lesson modules. Each lesson module (LAP) includes an engaging and informative booklet for students as well as a thorough teacher's manual complete with discussion notes, individual and group activities, test items, and much more. 72 modules are available courtesy of the Daniels Fund High School Ethics Initiative.


Free Poster Promotes Business Careers

Hang this poster promoting in-demand, high-wage careers in your schools! Download here.


Free Project-Based Learning Posters

PBLWorks has a handful of easy-to-print posters that celebrate some favorite PBL graphics and quotes. Perfect to add some inspiration to your classroom or main office!


Ready-To-Use Classroom Resource

Use The Gray Zone ethical dilemmas to introduce your students to problems and situations that don’t have one specific right or wrong answer. This week’s Gray Zone topic: Determining Personal Vision.

This Gray Zone comes from the Picture This! lesson module (LAP) and aligns to performance indicator EI:063 Determine personal vision.

Resource Package and Branding Media

Below you will find a link to a Resource Package for use within the WSAP Competitive Events.  The packages includes:

  • National BPA Branded PowerPoint Presentation Template
  • This template contains multiple pre-defined slide layouts and an additional slide containing scalable icons for use in the presentation.
  • National BPA Branded PowerPoint Presentation How-To GuideThe guide provides a screenshot walkthrough of how to select different slide layouts and edit background images.
  • High Resolution Logos         
  • Logos are high resolution with dimensions over 5,000 pixels.
  • Logos are provided in both PNG and JPG format.
  • Logos are available both with tagline and without the tagline.
  • Logos are available in white, black, gray scale, navy, red, and full color.

NOTE: Members are NOT REQUIRED to use any of the resources provided in this package.  Usage is left up to individual discretion.

View the WSAP Media and Resource Package here:

Download the WSAP Presentation Resource Package (Archived .zip) here: 

Social Media Challenge from State Officer Team

Hello MN BPA Chapters!

One of our goals for the 2019-2020 year is to improve communication between students through effective use of social media. If possible, could you send the usernames of students in your chapters for the following platforms so we can follow them? We would like to encourage MN members to follow the following accounts for updates, tips, and to see what other students from other chapters are doing!

  • Instagram: @MNBPA
  • Twitter: @MNBPA
  • (NEW) TikTok: @MNBPA
  • Facebook and LinkedIn: Minnesota BPA

Thanks again for your time, passion, and commitment to Business Professionals of America!
MN BPA Officer Team


Kim Vo | State President
Minnesota BPA | |

Virtual Deadline is November 1

National Virtual Events Registration Deadline is NOVEMBER 1, 2019.

The National Virtual Events registration deadline is fast approaching. If you have students interested in competing in one of the nine National Virtual Events, be sure to get them registered quickly. The registration deadline is November 1, 2019, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern.

Registering is easy: just use your chapter advisor username and password to log on to the Membership Registration System, and Click on Step 4: Virtual Event Registration. Add the entry fees for each one of the teams or contestants interested in competing and submit an invoice.
Already submitted your membership invoice? No problem! – Just log in and go directly to Step 4: Virtual Event Registration. The system will generate a new invoice for the Virtual Event registrations.

A video tutorial on how to register for the virtual events is available here: Virtual Event Registration Tutorial.

NOTE: There is no limit to the number of individual or team registrations for each chapter.  In addition, there is no limit to the number of virtual events that a member can compete in.  The only exception is that a member may not be registered more than once in the same virtual event (for example, they may not be registered for two separate teams in the same event). 

NOTE: If you have completed Step 4 of the registration process, but not submitted your invoice, please ensure that you invoice is submitted by the deadline.

If you need more information about the Virtual Competitive Events, visit the WSAP Download Center and download the contest guidelines. Questions about registration can be directed to Director of Technology Integration, Patrick Schultz –

Notes Regarding Upcoming FLC Conference

We are days away from FLC and are so excited to have 300 attendees this weekend.

Few updates for those attending:

  • All meetings/events will take place in the 4th floor meeting space of the Hyatt
  • Great General Session on Monday morning will cover all of these topics – what better way to prepare our members for the 2019-2020 school year – topics include Minnesota Business Venture Opportunity, How to Select an Event that is Right for You, How to do Presubmits Correctly, BPA Cares, Torch Awards, Social Media for your Chapter and MN BPA Website
  • Sunday evening, students will have the opportunity to attend 2 of the 3 Power Sessions that are panel presentations from industry and alumni representatives (see below for content of each panel presentation)
  • Advisor Networking will take place on Sunday evening right next to the student entertainment – join us to network & enjoy the build a float station and cupcakes. 

As you review the program book (link above), you may notice that on the page highlighting the keynote speaker it indicates the opening session at 1:30 pm – THIS IS INCORRECT – session time of 2 pm is correct in the agenda portion of the program book.  



  • What is your day to day?
  • What is the biggest challenge industry is facing?
  • What energizes you about your job?
  • What kind of companies hire your function?
  • What kinds of people/backgrounds do you work with?



  • How did you end up in this career field?
  • How do you continue to explore career paths on the job?
  • Is your career related to your degree major?
  • How did you begin exploring careers?
  • How did you determine your company was a right fit for you?



  • How and why did you choose your school?
  • What was the application process?
  • Did you stay with your original major or change it--why and how? 
  • Did you continue with an advanced degree? Why?

FLC Agenda and Registration Information

MN Fall Leadership Conference

All attachments can be found on the FLC tab on the Downloads Page.

MN BPA will host the 2019 FLC, October 27 & 28, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis.  Conference registration fee will be $35 and includes a conference t-shirt. 

Attached is a complete how to register packet.  Be sure to review!  


Attached is a credit card authorization for if you wish to use a credit card.  ALL Chapters must submit the hotel excel billing file as used in previous years.


The attached overview that was also circulated earlier really highlights the vast changes to this year’s FLC.


Your passcode will not have changed from last year unless you changed it. This is how you will register attendees for the conference.  The system was not generating the passcode email correctly but this has been resolved and you should have it in your inbox this morning.


Conference t-shirt is included in your registration!

DEADLINE TO REGISTER - October 1, 2019 

Watch for more FLASH UPDATES TO INFORM YOU!  See you at FLC!

Enjoy the weekend!

Voting Delegates - Attention Region Chairs


See link below this text or the download page for information about the submission of your region's voting delegates for FLC. 

Reminder - each region also needs to have a Region Advisor (or proxy)  assigned to the caucus at FLC (please indicate on list).

Deadline for receipt of the delegates list is October 16, 2019.

Also, as you elect your region president in the coming weeks, please be sure to pass that info along to me.

Officer Training Dates


All newly elected officers are required to participate in the State Officer Training which will be held Friday and Saturday, November 1 & 2, 2019 in Minneapolis.  Training will start at 5:30 pm on Friday and conclude on Saturday afternoon no later than 4 pm.  Please make certain that your candidates are aware of this requirement.   

FLC - Refreshed

FLC 2019 is going to be a terrific event to get your chapter motivated for a successful year with BPA!  If I can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to email or call.

This packet is an excellent overview of the format and offerings to shar3e with your members and administration for approval.

MN Fall Leadership Conference

MN BPA will host the 2019 FLC, October 27 & 28, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis.  Conference registration fee will be $35 and includes a conference t-shirt. 

Attached is an overview of this year’s event – we hope you are as excited about the new format and contents as MN BPA is!


Please keep in mind that the agenda is a work in progress - there will probably be minor changes to time frames after we see numbers attending as well as numbers of candidates. 

We have taken great care based upon YOUR feedback to provide fresh content, format and experiences for our BPA Members.   

There’s so much in store for attendees!



Conference t-shirt is included in your registration!

DEADLINE TO REGISTER - October 1, 2019 

Watch for the chapter advisors reg kit to answer more of your question.  This will be sent soon. 

New Badge to Order with FLC registration materials

Letter from our State President

Dear Minnesota BPA  Advisors,

As the Fall Leadership Conference approaches, so does the excitement for this upcoming BPA year. I am challenging each one of you to use that excitement to encourage new students to join BPA. Our organization has been so close each year to reaching 2,000 members and with your help, I know that we can finally reach that goal. Encourage your past students to help you in the recruiting process and let them know of the benefits they receive when they do. Members can be awarded the “Member Recruiter of the Year Award” through the BPA Cares program and they can earn Torch Points for recruiting too. Let your students know that by recruiting new members, the whole state of Minnesota benefits from their hard work.

I would like to personally thank each one of you in advance for contributing to the success of our organization. Go out and share with students the amazing opportunities BPA has to offer them. Thank you again for helping Minnesota reach 2,000 members in 2020.



Makenna Tysdal

Minnesota BPA President

Fall Leadership Conference Information

FLC 2019 is going to be a terrific event to get your chapter motivated for a successful year with BPA! 

MN Fall Leadership Conference

MN BPA will host the 2019 FLC, October 27 & 28, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis.  Conference registration fee will be $35 and includes a conference t-shirt with all new BPA logo and branding. 

Attached is a an overview to start planning.  Complete information packet as well as some additional hotel information will in the next few days.  The online system is open for registration.  You should have received and email from the system with your passcode for our online registration system at that time.  Your passcode does not change from last year. IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE THIS PASSCODE, especially if you are a new chapter or new advisor please contact  


Please keep in mind that the agenda is a work in progress - there will probably be minor changes to time frames after we see numbers attending as well as numbers of candidates.  MN BPA is particularly pleased to incorporate an offsite experiential learning opportunity for all attendees!  This will be an offsite corporate experience – details will be revealed in the next day or two!!  You won’t want your students to miss this!

We take great care and are to providing a fresh experience for students including new content, new activities, and new delivery methods.

Plus there will be opportunities for advisors to network!

DEADLINE TO REGISTER - October 1, 2019 

Watch for more FLASH UPDATES TO INFORM YOU!  See you at FLC!

State Officer Elections


Attached above is the packet with State Officer Candidate Information.  Elections will take place at the 2019 Fall Leadership Conference, October 27 & 28, 2019.  Deadline for RECEIPT of all application materials is October 1, 2019. 

Please be aware all candidates running for state office need to have a navy blazer with BPA patch by FLC to wear during FLC.  Please pay attention to making certain it fits appropriately for a well-groomed appearance.  


This year we are asking candidates to submit a photo electronically to as well as being included in their application materials.  This photo, in addition to the 100 word statements, will be put into document for members and voting delegates to review prior to FLC.

Please remember the following:

  • The campaign manager may not serve as a voting delegate or alternate voting delegate.
  • Application is not accepted electronically - must be submitted as outlined in the packet.  No piece by piece applications nor hard copy by US Mail or other means will be accepted.
  • The campaign manager is allowed to use business cards.


All newly elected officers are required to participate in the State Officer Training which will be held Friday and Saturday, November 4 & 5, 2019 in Minneapolis.  Training will start at 5:30 pm on Friday and conclude on Saturday afternoon no later than 4 pm.  Please make certain that your candidates are aware of this requirement.   

We look forward to the upcoming elections and encourage your chapter’s participation in the process!


The WSAP changes can be found under Competitive Events on our Downloads page.

If you have questions, please contact our CEAC Representative, Lynn O'Driscoll.

Welcome Back

Welcome back!  We look forward to an exciting year with BPA.  Over the next few days as well as into next week, you will receive many emails to get us back at it including this membership info, state officer candidate info and FLC.  Please keep them and digest as time permits!  Keep in mind that for your convenience everything is posted on the advisor announcement page on our state website ( so that you are able to go back and reference if you misplace an email. 


When the pass codes to register are generated, I will send you an email as a heads up to watch for it.  Hang onto this email with subject as BPA Fall Leadership Conference - System Log-In Information, please check your spam. If it is not there, please let me know so that we can generate pass code information for you.  If you had access to the system last year as an advisor, your passcode info does not change.


Membership for the 2019-2020 BPA Year is now open. Please make plans to register your members for the start of the new school year. Members must be registered prior to participation in BPA activities including Fall Leadership Conferences.

BPA Dues (both state and national) are submitted online through the National Membership System and payment is to National BPA for complete dues invoice.  Attached are instructions.  Register your members online at  Remember, state dues increase from $8 to $9 ON the 1st Monday of December.  


New National Theme for 2019-20

From Heather Bunning, Director of Marketing & Stakeholder Engagement, National BPA Office

After further consideration following the announcement made on Friday, May 31st, the National Officer Team chose to re-open discussions around the 2019-2020 Membership Theme. I would like to introduce you to the new membership theme: Capitalize Your Future.

The National Officer Team has already begun work on the theme identity which they hope to be able to share at summer meeting in Washington, D.C. This is also when our National Presidents, Emily White and Cassandra Lindo will share the news with our entire membership via LIVE STREAM on Facebook ( and Periscope (through Twitter) (@National_BPA) from National Harbor, MD  the week of July 22nd. More information regarding exact date and time for this live announcement will be forthcoming.

Continuing Education Opportunity


Innovative, inspirational sessions led by business professionals and educators like you are the reason educators return to Conclave year after year. 
We invite you to present at the 2019 MBA Conclave Curriculum & Teaching Conference (October 4-7) in Louisville, Kentucky.
All session topics will be considered, but there are seven focus areas for sessions this year

  • Instruction (including elearning, flipped classrooms, project-based learning, substantive projects, project management, and integrated technology)
  • Positioning and communication strategies
  • Unique partnerships between secondary/postsecondary/business and industry
  • Use of data for program management and improvement
  • Integration of and support for 21st Century Skills
  • Student engagement strategies
  • Credentialing


Act now! The deadline to submit is August 1.



Stipends available. Details at



The Premier Gathering of
Business, Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship & Management Educators! 

Conclave provides teachers and administrators with a comprehensive overview of
contemporary curricula, pedagogy, and program development strategies.

Register at


MBA Research and Curriculum Center
A not-for-profit organization
1375 King Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43212

View this email in your browser



Future Dates of Conferences - FLC, SLC, NLC

Some of you have inquired for future dates as you look ahead to next year’s school calendars.

FLC 2019:  October 27 & 28, 2019 - Hyatt Regency Mpls.

SLC 2020:  March 5-7, 2020 – Hyatt Regency Mpls.

NLC 2019:  May 6-10, 2020 – Baltimore/Washington DC

And for additional planning for NLC’s – here are the dates for several years.


Orlando, FL

May 5-9


Dallas, TX

May 4-8


Anaheim, CA

April 26-30


Chicago, IL

April 25-29

Judged Events Topics


Above attachment - you will find an overview of this year’s judged event topics.  This is a great tool to share with students versus going into the WSAP for each event description.